Cyberespionage Comes to Professional Sports

By   Ken Westin
Director, Security Strategy , Cybereason | Jun 23, 2015 08:00 pm PST

The F.B.I. is looking into the whether or not the Front Office for the St. Louis Cardinals hacked into the Houston Astros internal networks containing confidential information about their players.

Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire says hacking isn’t always about stealing credit cards, gaining a competitive advantage is also a reason as well.

Comments from Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire :

Hacking isn’t always about stealing credit cards, but can also be about access to information to provide a competitive edge. We have increasingly seen this behavior in business where hackers steal and sell information to competitors or investors to give them an edge. A baseball team hacking another team is a logical extension of this type of attack, as it is in the end a business as well with high financial stakes, by accessing information on players their goal is to give themselves a competitive edge.”

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