IRS Data Breach may have Compromised 300,000 Taxpayer Accounts

The IRS cyberattacks may have affected more than 300,000 taxpayer accounts – and more than 600,000 breaches were attempted. Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire commented on the recent massive cyber attacks. [su_note note_color=”#ffffcc” text_color=”#00000″]Ken Westin, Senior Security Analyst for Tripwire : “This is a perfect example of how unrelated data breaches imperil us […]

Cloud Services is Compromised by Russian Hackers

Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire has been noting the potential for this “Hammertoss” cyber espionage scenario for some time and was not surprised by the FireEye report that came out. Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire : “This particular method of attack is pretty clever, as it takes advantage of most enterprise organizations […]

Classified Information but was not Identified as Classified

With the latest information from the inspector general that some emails that Hillary Clinton sent from her private server contained classified information but was not identified as classified. Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire says this issue puts a light on the challenges of Shadow IT in Government. Also explains that without direct access to a […]

ID Theft-Protection Firm Fails at Protecting Data

Customers who hired the infamous ID theft-protection firm Lifelock to monitor their identities after their data was stolen in a breach were in for a surprise. It turns out Lifelock failed to properly secure their data. Ken Westin, Senior Security Analyst, at Tripwire commented on the Theft-Protection firm lifelock. Ken Westin, Senior Security Analyst, Tripwire […]

Comment on Violates 2010 FTC Settlement – Fails to Protect Data

Commenting on FTC news that LifeLock violated, a 2010 settlement with the agency and 35 state attorneys general by continuing to make deceptive claims about its identity theft protection services, and by failing to take steps required to protect its users’ data. Ken Westin, a cybersecurity expert with Tripwire, provided the following comments. Ken Westin, Senior […]

Security Expert Comments on Adobe to Patch Hacking Team’s Flash Zero-Day

Brian Krebs reported that Adobe Systems Inc. said it plans to issue a patch to fix a zero-day vulnerability in its Flash Player software that is reportedly being exploited in active attacks. The flaw was disclosed publicly over the weekend after hackers broke into and posted online hundreds of gigabytes of data from Hacking Team, […]

Security Expert Comments on Card Breach at Donald Trump Hotel Properties

Commenting on reports that there has been a credit card breach at Donald Trump’s hotel properties, Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire, provided the following: Ken Westin, senior security analyst for Tripwire ( “Much like many of the other breaches we have seen targeting the retail and hospitality, this is not an attack that […]

Security Expert Comments on Unbreakable Encryption

Toshiba is working on an unbreakable encryption solution that would create a one-time encryption key. The key for Toshiba’s quantum-cryptography system will be delivered as photons through a custom-made fiber optic cable not connected to the Internet. Ken Westin Security Analyst for Tripwire commented on the unbreakable encryption. Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire :  “It is great to see new innovations […]

Cyberespionage Comes to Professional Sports

The F.B.I. is looking into the whether or not the Front Office for the St. Louis Cardinals hacked into the Houston Astros internal networks containing confidential information about their players. Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire says hacking isn’t always about stealing credit cards, gaining a competitive advantage is also a reason as well. Comments […]

Security Expert Comments on Cardinals Face FBI Inquiry in Astros Hack

The St. Louis Cardinals are facing an FBI and Justice Department inquiry in the hacking of the Houston Astros’ Network , Ken Westin, senior security analyst at Tripwire, provided the following comments: Ken Westin, senior security analyst at Tripwire ( “Hacking isn’t always about stealing credit cards, but can also be about access to information […]