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FBI Dismantles QakBot Botnet In Largest-Ever Cybercrime Operation
August 31 , 2023 by Ken Westin
It is interesting the FBI essentially deployed something that almost resembles "hacking back" to re...
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Websites For More Than A Dozen US Airlines Taken Offline By Cyber Attacks
October 12 , 2022 by Ken Westin
The impact of Killnet's newest round of DDoS attacks, this time on the websites of major airports ac...
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Hacker Steals $566 Million Worth Of Crypto From Binance Bridge
October 07 , 2022 by Ken Westin
The crypto industry is being targeted by cyber criminals because as infamous bank robber Willie Sutt...
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Is Uber's 'Security Incident' Just A Smoke Screen? Experts Weigh In
September 20 , 2022 by Ken Westin
Today is not the time to bayonet the wounded, as Uber spends tens of millions of dollars on security...
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DHS Issues Warning About Potential Russian Cyber Attack On The US
January 25 , 2022 by Ken Westin
Today, neither organisations nor private citizens should panic due to the DHS bulletin, but should r...
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DNA Testing Firm Discloses Data Breach Affecting 2.1 Million People
December 02 , 2021 by Ken Westin
When we hear about a breach of a DNA testing company, generally there is a reason to be concerned, a...
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Data Hacked For 400,000 LA Patients
December 02 , 2021 by Ken Westin
The reported ransomware attack against Planned Parenthood could escalate to a triple ransom situatio...
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FBI System Hacked To Email Warning Fake Cyberattacks
November 16 , 2021 by Ken Westin
The compromise of FBI infrastructure to send spoofed emails does not appear to be targeting the orga...
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Robinhood Data Breach - Expert Comments
November 10 , 2021 by Ken Westin
Today, financial services companies are a prime target of cybercriminals “because that\'s where th...