Security Expert Comments on Unbreakable Encryption

By   Ken Westin
Director, Security Strategy , Cybereason | Jun 28, 2015 06:00 pm PST

Toshiba is working on an unbreakable encryption solution that would create a one-time encryption key. The key for Toshiba’s quantum-cryptography system will be delivered as photons through a custom-made fiber optic cable not connected to the Internet. Ken Westin Security Analyst for Tripwire commented on the unbreakable encryption.

Ken Westin, Security Analyst for Tripwire : 

“It is great to see new innovations and researched focused on better methods of encrypting data, however when I hear “unbreakable encryption” or “100% secure” I immediately think of the Titanic. Making such claims in the world of security, particularly when it involves new technology is getting a bit ahead of ourselves, particularly as Toshiba’s new technology is just starting the testing phases and if successful would not be deployed for another decade. A component of security that is often overlooked which is critical to adoption of new security technology is usability and actual adoption of the technology.  “Toshiba’s quantum-cryptography system will come in the form of photons that are delivered through a custom-made fiber optic cable not connected to the Internet” does not sound like an open and easy to deploy tool for most industries. Even if you are able to completely ensure the encryption of data in transit, this does not ensure that the data is encrypted at rest, so many of the challenges with securing data we see today would still exist and a lot can change in a decade when we would actually see this technology deployed.”

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