Danger With IoT Devices Being Hacked

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 04, 2017 11:45 pm PST

With the news of a drone causing chaos at Gatwick airport, hacking IoT devices has resurfaced as a topic of discussion especially regarding the security issues should a device be hacked. Cesare Garlati believes “security by separation is vital within embedded connected devices.” Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation commented below.

Cesare Garlati, Chief Security Strategist at prpl Foundation:

“In the optimal situation, there is no way that anyone should be able to access, much less hijack, the critical functions of an IoT device such as a drone. While the power for destruction from just one drone may seem paltry, directing these drones in large numbers at a target is a very real, and dangerous, possibility. The time to act is now to take control of security in IoT devices at the most basic level: the hardware. Manufacturers need to move away from the attitude that “it works, let’s try to secure it and get it to market” to “if it’s not secure, it doesn’t work.” Unless the industry adopts this attitude, the security problems of IoT will continue to proliferate at an alarming rate and unfortunately, lives could quite literally be at stake.”

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