Data Protection Tips in the Event of Severe Weather

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 06, 2014 05:04 pm PST

As a data recovery company, we’ve seen the gamut when it comes to damaged devices. DriveSavers Data Recovery has put together a list of tips to keep top of mind in the event your company is threatened by damaging weather. These preventative and post storm measures could help save vital data and expensive devices.


Electronic devices should be enclosed in plastic bags and watertight containers off of the floor to prevent water damage from light flooding. As a rule of thumb, sensitive electronics should never sit directly on flooring surfaces.

All hardware such as desktop computers, laptops, printers, scanners and smartphones should be unplugged from power sources.

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When unplugging isn’t an option, a surge protector and battery back up system should be used. However, it’s important these devices are tested regularly to maintain optimal effectiveness.

Invest in data back-up software and back up regularly, especially if your company resides in a storm-prone region. Backing up should prevent permanent data loss even if the device itself is beyond repair.


Never attempt to turn on a device that’s physically damaged or if the hardware is emitting tapping, scraping, clicking or humming sounds.

If the drive exhibits any of the above signs, it’s important to not attempt DIY recovery as you may cause further damage and prevent any data recovery. If you believe your device is damaged, contact a secure professional data recovery company such as DriveSavers Data Recovery.

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