DDoS Attack Still Targeting Final Fantasy 14

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 21, 2017 06:15 am PST

The online game Final Fantasy 14 has been plagued by DDoS attacks for more than a month, since its release in June, with the developer saying that the DDoS attacks targeting its North American data centre have shown no signs of stopping and are increasingly difficult to contain.

Stephanie Weagle, VP at Corero Network Security commented below. A DDoS mitigation company that protects a series of gaming customers, including Jagex, against DDoS attacks. Corero would also be happy to speak to you about why DDoS attacks are so prevalent in the gaming sector, and what can be done to defeat them. Please contact me to set up an interview.

Stephanie Weagle, VP at Corero Network Security:

 “The recent and relentless DDoS attacks targeting Final Fantasy online games reiterates the need for a proactive defense against these damaging attacks.

“For online gaming companies, multiple attacks, sometimes dozens per day, range in size and scale. Regardless of the motivation, or techniques used to execute the attacks, these cyber events lead to downtime, latency and availability issues. Any service downtime equates to a drop in visitors and a corresponding loss of revenue. Beyond immediate revenue loss, disgruntled and impatient customers will turn to other online video gaming sites if the game site they are trying to access is unresponsive or unavailable. Gaming providers must enable proactive DDoS defence measures in order to eliminate the damage associated with a successful DDoS attack.

“These solutions incorporate high-performance DDoS technology and they can be positioned at the network edge, monitoring and mitigating DDoS attack traffic automatically and in real-time. These solutions do not rely on traffic redirection, sending the attack traffic deeper into the network to a scrubbing center environment, they do not rely on human intervention, and they do not rely on legacy tools or techniques that some network and security departments use to eliminate DDoS attacks. Innovation in DDoS defence technologies have completely changed the time-to-mitigation window, allowing for automated protection – without impacting good user traffic.”

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