DDoS Attacks Fell 23% In First Quarter, But Grew In Size

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 26, 2017 03:58 am PST

News broke yesterday in a new report by Verisign that DDoS attacks during the first quarter of 2017 fell by 23%, but the average peak size ballooned by 26% to 14.1 Gbps compared with the previous quarter. Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity commented below.

Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity

isbuzz author male 1“Since DDOS spreads through vulnerable computers and mainly through infected emails and attachments; one factor that is changing in the business landscape is more awareness through education at the user level.   Companies preparing to meet the quickly approaching GDPR conditions before May 2018, are now undertaking pro-active steps to ensure that control of the human factor – one which they can control though good education is in place.

One consideration should be identity and access management solutions that impact and improve overall business operations that make up one component of the risk mitigation equation. As part of a new deployment; we encourage companies to train their end-users in the operations of enhanced security tools – and in some instances companies themselves have even undertaken video-based education campaigns to inform and educate.”