DDoS attacks on the rise according to IBM report

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 31, 2013 05:30 am PST

DDoS attacks are growing in sophistication and have significantly increased since last year.

In a statement, Jag Bains, CTO, DOSarrest has advised the following:

“We have seen a 60% increase in the frequency of application layer attacks in the past year.  These attacks now make up more than 20% of daily overall attack traffic.

What’s more, denial of service attacks are becoming far more advanced.  The typical application attack is now able to reasonably bypass most filters by behaving like a customer on a website.  And while they may never actually complete a transaction on the website and no goods change hands, this fraudulent traffic is consuming resources and tying up services that could otherwise be utilised by legitimate customers.

Businesses without adequate protection, who accept these attacks as a cost of business, are forced to add additional resources both in hardware and manpower to ensure they are able to withstand the brunt of these attacks without negatively impacting their legitimate customers.  The soft costs of these attacks go far beyond lost revenue from every legitimate customer that was affected, including future lost revenue from affected customers that will now use a competitor, brand name damage, and even loss of search engine ranking if it was a search bot that was turned away.”

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