Information Security Requirements for New IT Projects – PART III

Overview This presentation comprehensively addresses the critical practice of Environment and Network Segregation, emphasizing the importance of meticulous structuring of development, testing, and production environments to safeguard sensitive data and strengthen information security postures. It delves into sophisticated network segmentation, secure configuration, robust encryption strategies, and vital integration with cutting-edge security tools. In addition, it […]

Information Security Requirements for New IT Projects – PART II

Overview This presentation navigates the complex landscape of vulnerability and patch management, penetration testing, security baseline and hardening, secure software development life cycle (SDLC), and data security and privacy. It offers a comprehensive toolkit to ensure that an organization’s IT infrastructure is robust against threats before production, with a spotlight on maintaining the integrity, availability, […]

Information Security Requirements for New IT Projects – PART I

Overview This presentation provides an in-depth exploration of the information security requirements necessary for successfully deploying new IT projects. The presentation meticulously addresses the foundational components, from maintaining thorough asset inventories and conducting rigorous asset evaluations to ensuring sound classification practices and robust design and architecture standards. Critical elements such as contractual obligations, endpoint security […]