Elastica Emerges From Stealth, Lays A Safety Net Around Cloud

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 19, 2014 01:35 am PST

Elastica has emerged from stealth mode and released its CloudSOC™ solution for making cloud applications and services secure for use by companies and their employees. CloudSOC™ empowers enterprise IT to enable employees to take full advantage of the cloud era, while staying safe, secure and compliant.

The company also released four Elastica Apps on CloudSOC™ that provide audit for cloud application usage and shadow IT, granular transaction visibility, real time threat detection, security controls and post-incident forensics analysis capabilities. Elastica will showcase CloudSOC™ and Elastica Apps in its Booth #304 at the RSA Conference taking place next week in San Francisco.

“Elastica’s CloudSOC solution addresses a real and growing need for enterprises as they embrace cloud applications and services. Enterprises are finding themselves unintentionally out of compliance with reporting standards due to a lack of data visibility in SaaS-based application.  Elastica applies machine learning technology to provide in depth visibility and controls for a broad range of cloud applications. Designed from the beginning with usability in mind, CloudSOC’s visualization makes management easy and intuitive for security operations staff,” said Frank Dickson, Industry Principal of Network Security at Frost & Sullivan.

Cloud-based services offer a compelling option for company employees to streamline their work activities, collaborate easily with colleagues and be more productive. With improved economics and ease of adoption, it is not surprising to see the sharp increase in ad-hoc adoption of these services. As enterprise users rapidly adopt these services, however, transparency and security are being left behind. Today’s traditional Security Operations Centers (SOCs) do not have comparable monitoring, real-time threat detection and controls of their cloud services that they have with their on-premise applications and data.

Elastica’s CloudSOC™ solution is designed to provide this missing piece. Elastica’s CloudSOC™ provides Security Operations for the Cloud applications and services in one place. Offered as an easy to use cloud-based service, Elastica’s CloudSOCTM applies the  power of data science on data coming from multiple sources, including real time traffic, APIs, firewalls and end-devices to enable security.

Elastica’s unique StreamIQ™ technology leverages machine learning to analyze and secure a broad range of cloud applications and services. Its unique design secures usage of both native and browser based applications for mobile or desktop. New enterprise cloud applications are growing at a staggering rate and Elastica is uniquely positioned to keep pace due to its StreamIQ™ technology.

“Adopting new cloud applications is becoming essential for companies to stay competitive, thus the industry needs to resolve how to secure these services. Elastica’s application of data science and machine learning to cloud application security is an innovative approach to handle the scale and complexity of today’s burgeoning cloud market,” said Jim Reavis, Founder & Chairman of Cloud Security Alliance (CSA).

“Cloud and mobile has brought the promise of a truly Elastic Enterprise. Such an enterprise empowers employees to collaborate from anywhere using any device, enables efficient consumption of business resources as needed, and improves overall business agility.  Elastica eliminates the security hurdle to enable a safe and secure Elastic Enterprise,”  said Rehan Jalil, President and CEO of Elastica.

Elastica’s CloudSOC™ supports the following Elastica Apps:

Audit: Take the covers off Shadow IT by providing instant insights and analytics about cloud services being used throughout the company. View associated Business-Readiness Scores for thousands of cloud services based on 50+ risk attributes, enabling organizations to make informed decisions.

Detect: Zero-in on threats in enterprise cloud application and service usage. Patent-pending data science algorithms assign ThreatScore™ scores in real-time, which can be used to trigger automated policies to alert on or block threats, whether from malicious insiders or external attackers.

Protect: Enforce policies on real-time traffic sessions with cloud services.  It takes the complexity out of policy definition and enforcement  by automatically translating  and enforcing global policies across multiple cloud services at the same time.

Investigate:  Pursue post-incident investigations and forensic analysis across all cloud applications on all historical data. Powerful visualization, free-form search and extensive filtering criteria deliver quick results for the most complex queries for legal or eDiscovery.

Availability and Pricing

Elastica’s CloudSOC™ solution is available now. It is priced on a per subscriber per month basis. For a trial, please register at www.elastica.net/signup.

About Elastica

Elastica is the innovator of Data Science Powered™ Cloud Application Security. Its CloudSOC™ solution empowers the elastic enterprise, and enables companies to confidently leverage cloud applications and services while staying safe, secure and compliant.  Elastica Apps on extensible CloudSOC™ platform today offer cloud audit for Shadow IT, granular transaction visibility, threat detection, security controls and post-incident forensic analysis.  Elastica is venture-backed by the Mayfield Fund and is headquartered in San Jose, CA. Learn more about Elastica at http://www.elastica.net. Follow us on Twitter @ElasticaInc.

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