Enter The HuMachine: Kaspersky Lab Invites VR Enthusiasts To Witness The Invisible Battle Between Good And Evil In Cyberspace

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 12, 2017 04:30 am PST

What is it like to be a HuMachine? Now anyone can learn. Kaspersky Lab has created an interactive, action VR movie to show how human intellect, big data and machine learning can be merged into a technological concept that powers world-class cyberthreat protection technologies to help keep people safe from the most sophisticated cyberthreats.

 Cyberthreats have evolved dramatically over the last 20 years. From primitive, harmless proof of concepts which could be spotted with the naked eye and disarmed by a single command, to powerful, invisible cyberwarfare programs capable of stopping factories and power plants. Protection technologies have evolved accordingly in order to keep such malicious code away from people’s lives.

Nowadays, cybersecurity has become especially important, because just a single breach can disrupt the normal operations of an important life-supporting facility, if not a whole city. The modern world is powered by technologies, working together as a single system to make human life more convenient, smart and safe. Should one, or several, digital gears in this mechanism be destroyed, the whole system could fall.

For more than 20 years, Kaspersky Lab’s experts have devoted themselves to keeping these gears running, protecting them from the constantly evolving cyberthreat landscape. As a result, they have arrived at the simple, yet beautiful technological concept of HuMachine: a synergy of big data, machine learning and human expertise. At Kaspersky Lab, the HuMachine concept powers one of the world’s best protection technologies, capable of detecting and blocking even the most dangerous and sophisticated cyberthreats.

In order to familiarise users with the concept in an entertaining way, Kaspersky Lab has created an interactive, action VR movie. Set in a fictional world called the System, the movie puts viewers into the shoes of Newbie – a security bot created by human experts to protect the System and its inhabitants from all possible threats. Armed with smart machine learning algorithms and educated by a cyberthreat database over a petabyte in size, the security bot goes on duty only to come face-to-face with a threat it has barely imagined, even in its scariest cyber dreams.

Everything related to antimalware and cyberthreat protection techniques is usually perceived by the general public as something extremely boring and not at all exciting. Meanwhile, millions of different, exciting things happen every second inside your computer or mobile device, especially when it comes to cybersecurity. A cyberattack looks like a breathtaking battle between the attackers and defenders. In Enter the HuMachine, we’ve tried to visualise this battle and also explain how we see the future of cybersecurity. Although it’s a completely fictional story, it still provides a clear understanding on what the HuMachine really is,” says Alexey Malanov, Malware Expert, Anti-Malware Technologies Development at Kaspersky Lab, who served as a technical consultant for the movie’s creation.

“Enter the HuMachine” VR-movie, and protect The System from cyberthreats, using your Gear VR headset for the full experience, or any other headset for a 360-degree version of the movie.

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