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By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 02, 2020 01:02 am PST

This morning marks the start of European Cybersecurity Month, with a focus on combating cyber scams, as well as a focus on developing and growing digital skills. This year’s ECM is particularly important, with industry research suggesting that cyberattacks during the coronavirus pandemic are up 30% compared to the same time last year. Also, with so many of us more reliant on the internet in an effort to minimise social interaction, the inevitable pivot to online shopping, online communication, and online working has increased the threats impacting most individuals, as well as organisations.

The economic impact of cybersecurity threats is stark –widespread internet and datacentre disruption resulting from a cyber attack would cost the global economy upwards of $50 billion a day, illustrating the importance of cybersecurity measures and the value that skilled cybersecurity professionals bring to the front line.

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Deshini Newman
Deshini Newman , Managing Director EMEA
October 2, 2020 11:05 am

Cybersecurity threats are growing every day, be they are aimed at consumers, businesses, or governments. The pandemic has shown us just how critical cybersecurity is to the successful operation of our respective economies and our individual lifestyles. The rapid digital transformation it has forced upon us has seen us rely almost totally on the internet, e-commerce, and digital communications to do everything from shopping to working and learning. It has brought into stark focus the threats we all face and the importance of cybersecurity skills at every level of society.

European Cybersecurity Month is a timely reminder that we must not become complacent and must redouble our efforts to stay safe online and bolster the cybersecurity skills base in society. This is imperative not only to manage the challenges we face today, but to ensure we can rise to the next wave of unknown, sophisticated cybersecurity threats that await us tomorrow. Developing cybersecurity education at all levels, encouraging more of our students to embrace STEM subjects at an early age, educating consumers, and the elderly on how to spot and avoid scams are critical to managing the challenge we face. The urgency and need to build our professional cybersecurity workforce is paramount to a safe and secure cyber world. With a global skills gap of over four million, the cybersecurity professional base must grow substantially now in the UK and across mainland Europe to meet the challenge facing organisations, at the same time as we lay the groundwork to welcome the next generation into cybersecurity careers. That means a stronger focus on adult education, professional workplace training, and industry-recognised certification.

Ultimately, we must remember that cybersecurity skills, education and best practice is not just a European issue, and neither is it a political issue. Rather, it is a global challenge that impacts every corner of society. Cybersecurity mindfulness needs to be woven into the DNA of everything we do and it starts with everything we learn.

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