Expert Advise On Cyber Criminals Are Bundling Malware Inside Zoom Installers

Cybercriminals are bundling malware inside installers of video-conferencing application Zoom in an effort to lure victims into unwittingly infecting their computers with malicious software.

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Javvad Malik
Javvad Malik , Security Awareness Advocate
InfoSec Expert
April 8, 2020 12:50 pm

As Willie Sutton is reported to have said, \”I rob banks because that\’s where the money is\”, cybercriminals go where the data, and users are. The increased popularity of Zoom is no exception and many criminals have directed their attention to the video conferencing platform. Like many attacks, the criminals are favouring a social engineering ploy in order to trick unsuspecting users into installing a malware-laden version of the software. It serves as a stark reminder as to why security awareness and training is more important than before with remote users being targeted more than before. It\’s vital that users are aware of the threats of phishing and the correct process to follow in order to get any form of software. Users should refer to their IT teams when in doubt as to the official sources to download any software, and report any suspected phishing emails.

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