Expert Comments On Possible Carnival Cruise Line Data Breach

Carnival Cruise line has reported a potential breach of its network after they found suspicious activity. The company reported the incident to the California Attorney General.

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Robert Capps
Robert Capps , VP
InfoSec Expert
March 6, 2020 6:23 pm

With 325,000 people sailing aboard Carnival ships every day, it is a party that hackers do not want to miss. Although there is no evidence that the compromised information has been used for fraud, it is important that companies are ready to prevent this potential misuse of the stolen information. Now that the data is out, companies can fight back by making the information valueless with the latest technologies that are able to identify people by their online behavior instead of credentials or personal information. So, even if hackers grab customer credit cards, passwords and other data, companies can block them when bad actors impersonate the legitimate owner online. This is because bad actors, even if they have the correct information, they cannot imitate the individual’s online behavior.

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