Expert insights – USB Stick Containing An Entire City’s Personal Details Has Been Lost

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 28, 2022 07:17 am PST

As reported in news, USB stick containing an entire city’s personal details has been lost by a Japanese man, Industry leaders reacyed below.

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Laurie Mercer
Laurie Mercer , Security Engineer
June 28, 2022 3:18 pm

“Organisations can have the most sophisticated technology in the world, but there is no getting away from human error. If businesses are to truly understand their attack surface, and potential vulnerabilities, it is critical to factor in the human element and to understand how employees might be accessing and sharing files. Despite our best intentions, humans are one of the weakest links in the security system. This doesn’t mean we should stop trusting employees because of incidents like this. In fact, humans can be integral to the solution-finding and spotting things that technology can’t. However, businesses have a duty to protect sensitive information, and this also means reducing the chances of human error and identifying every vulnerability. It is in our very nature to make mistakes, and if organisations don’t factor this into their ways of working, this won’t be the last incident we see.”

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