Expert On ‘Have I Been Pwned’ Going To Open Source

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 11, 2020 03:07 am PST

Following the news about “Have I Been Pwned” opening up its code base to the open source community after unsuccessfully attempting to have the platform acquired, a Cybersecurity expert has some insight on the topic.

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Nilesh Dherange
InfoSec Expert
August 11, 2020 11:09 am

With the seemingly never ending series of security breaches, the \’Have I Been Pwned\’ site provides a valuable service to end-users domain administrators worldwide. The service has been a labor of love for its creator, Troy Hunt. HIBP has been kept viable by donations and robust community support. Given the scale of the project, it\’s understandable that he would look for a larger organization to take on the project.

While it is unfortunate he was unable to find a buyer, it\’s good to see him shift the project to an Open Source model. The OSS community has a history of supporting robust security projects and responding rapidly when vulnerabilities crop up. With a move to open source, we can look forward to the Have I Been Pwned service continuing to provide users information about account compromises, and we can hope to see it spin off related projects that can expand the capabilities even further.

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