Expert On News: PayPal Accounts Are Getting Abused En-masse For Unauthorized Payments

According to ZDNet, hackers have found a bug in PayPal’s Google Pay integration and are now using it to buy products online and incur unauthorized charges to PayPal accounts. Since last Friday, users have reported seeing mysterious transactions pop up in their PayPal history as originating from their Google Pay account.

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Jake Moore
Jake Moore , Cybersecurity Specialist
InfoSec Expert
February 26, 2020 6:13 am

Although the way this attack was carried out is not yet entirely clear, it is extremely important to add two factor authentication to your PayPal account if you have not already. Attackers are able to rifle through accounts when they hack in, especially when users have a password linked to PayPal which they may use somewhere else. It is also worth double checking which third party accounts are linked, as this may be another entry point for cyber criminals.

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