Explained – APT34 Code Leak

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 19, 2019 07:45 am PST

Hackers, going by the online name of Lab Dookhtegan, have revealed details about the inner workings of a cyber-espionage group mostly known in the security community as OilRig, APT34, and HelixKitten, linked to the Iranian government.  

Alexander Heid, White Hat Hacker and Chief Research Officer at SecurityScorecard:

“Now that these scripts are public, they will likely be leveraged by cybercriminal groups and script kiddies around the world as the public arsenal of free hacking tools grows ever larger. While the fallout of this will likely not have the same global impacts as the EquationGroup, hacking tools leak (such as the deployment of WannaCry ransomware) – the release of this leaked code provides an inside view of the tools, tactics, and procedures that are used by the APT34 group. The presense of the WebShells indicate there is a heavy use of web application attacks methodologies as a specialty of the group.”  

Alex advises that “Companies and enterprises who run Windows IIS servers and ASPX applications should make use of the leaked codebase to determine if any of the webshells appear on their serversCompanies should also take heed that the external perimeter of their enterprise – specifically the web app – is still an effective and powerful vector of attack.  WAFs can be evaded, and secure frameworks can be made vulnerable by coding mistakes.” 

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