F5 Security Product Rollout

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 26, 2018 10:30 am PST

Sharing that today, F5 Networks released its 2018 Application Protection Report, which delves into the major application-based threats modern enterprises face while revealing how little these enterprises and their executives understand about how cyberattacks access their applications and data. In addition to offering data points on cyber-threat issues like the recent uptick in injections attacks and ongoing lack of SSL/TLS encryption, the report underscores the importance for enterprises to have a stronger comprehension of evolving attacks in order to implement solutions and strategies to combat them.

F5 is also debuting new iterations of two key products in its security portfolio – F5 Access Manager and F5 SSL Orchestrator. Both offerings aim to provide dedicated access, encryption and orchestration capabilities to successfully thwart the sophisticated attacks permeating today’s IT landscape.  Key details below.

F5 Access Manager

  • Streamlined Access Management– Context-sensitive policies configured for just about any access session variable; customizable access controls applied proportionally with respect to the value of particular applications and data.
  • Accelerated Business Innovation– As IT transforms to support continuous deployment methodologies, Access Manager provides a centralized solution for access control. This means that DevOps teams can hand off applications to NetOps teams more quickly, and NetOps groups can better deliver a consistent user experience without sacrificing manageability.
  • Scalability into the Cloud– Access Manager bridges on-prem applications to the cloud, effectively supporting IDaaS solutions and capabilities within evolving heterogeneous environments.

F5 SSL Orchestrator

  • Heightened Visibility– High-performance decryption of inbound and outbound SSL/TLS traffic, enabling quicker threat detection and remediation.
  • Operational Efficiency– Dynamic service chaining and policy-based traffic steering help organizations intelligently manage encrypted traffic flows across the entire app security infrastructure.
  • Optimized Investments– Unified orchestration lets organizations maximize their investments around malware, DLP, ransomware, firewall protections, guarding against inbound and outbound threats such as callbacks and data exfiltration.