Fake Elder Scrolls Online Devs Run PlayStation Phishing Scam – Experts’ Comments

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Dec 11, 2019 06:53 am PST

Scammers are masquerading as The Elder Scrolls Online developers and sending Playstation private messages that state your account will be banned if you do not provide your login credentials within 15 minutes, Bleeping Computer reported.

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David Kennefick
David Kennefick , Product Architect
December 11, 2019 2:58 pm

Like any targeted phishing attempt, there are unfortunately a small percentage of folks that will fall for this.

There are a few indicators of a phishing attempt that are useful to check for:

Capitalisation of \’Account\’ & \’Services\’ and words such as \’Account Ban,\’ which are used for emphasis to make users think of the worst case scenario.
Asking for private details. If a service asks you for your username and password, as well as any other potentially important information that may be used to validate/verify identity, you should be suspicious. In this situation, always consider who instigated the conversation.

Putting a timeline on a response. With an attacker saying you only have 15 minutes to respond, they are hoping that you will respond instinctively, rather than take the time to think about a potential threat.

This particular campaign reads like a template for phishing attacks. You can swap out ‘Account’ with ‘bank account’/’service account’/’profile’/’system’/’payroll system’ and the remainder of the text will still be suitable. Stick a logo on it and it will look legitimate to somebody. Phishing is a numbers game, where criminals hope to get their message on as many screens as possible.

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