First Hybrid Web Application Security Assessment SaaS Is Now In Open Beta

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On-demand ethical hacking delivered via the web

ImmuniWeb®, an innovative web application security assessment SaaS developed by leading Swiss information security company High-Tech Bridge, is now in open Beta.

ImmuniWeb provides SMEs and large corporations with the ability to test their website security with its unique combination of cutting-edge vulnerability scanner and manual human testing. Introduced by High-Tech Bridge to the web application security scanning and assessment market in 2013, this hybrid approach to testing web application security benefits from the ease-of-use and competitive pricing afforded by the SaaS delivery model. ImmuniWeb SaaS was successfully passed as CWE and CVE compatibility certification by MITRE in summer 2013.

ImmuniWeb SaaS was launched in closed Beta in May 2013 to a limited audience. Since then ImmuniWeb has been tested and positively rated by many journalists from well-known publications including the Financial Times and PC Mag. Leading security writers and analysts such as Graham Cluley also reviewed ImmuniWeb – Cluley used it to assess security of his own website. In November 2013 The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) announced the use of ImmuniWeb as part of the toolset for ensuring that the governmental websites of ITU’s Member States are secure.

According to Alexander Michael, Director of ICT Consulting at Frost & SullivanIt certainly appears that the hybrid approach [of web application security testing], introduced to the global market by ImmuniWeb, represents a highly efficient, new generation solution for SMBs, offering speed, simplicity, cost-effectiveness and additional quality, afforded by the parallel manual penetration testing.

From Monday, 10th of March 2014, anyone can register for free on the ImmuniWeb Portal and, following manual account verification, make full use of the security assessment service.

Mr. Ilia Kolochenko, CEO of High-Tech Bridge, says “After four years of development we are almost ready to launch ImmuniWeb in fully operational mode. Open Beta is the last step before the service will become fully public. We just want to get as many opinions and requests for additional features as possible to make sure that every customer will be totally satisfied with the service.

ImmuniWeb consists of three interconnected components:

ImmuniWeb Security Scanner

ImmuniWeb® Security Scanner is a proprietary web vulnerabilities and weaknesses scanner developed and supported by High-Tech Bridge. Vanguard concept of 360Security™ on which ImmuniWeb Security Scanner is based, represents a set of five different modules that cover all aspects of web application security:

ImmuniWeb Auditors

The permanent involvement of a security auditor during the entire process of ImmuniWeb security assessment ensures the highest quality and accuracy of both the security assessment and subsequent report; a level of quality which cannot be achieved by any automated tools or single-source solutions alone. Today, in the era of AJAX and JSON web technologies, application logic errors and DOM-Based XSS vulnerabilities, many web security scanners are unable to detect complex web 2.0 vulnerabilities. The presence of an auditor ensures that such vulnerabilities won’t be missed and will be included in the assessment report.

ImmuniWeb Security Assessment Report

The assessment report is delivered within eight working hours after the completion of the security assessment. The report lists vulnerabilities and weaknesses detected during the assessment by ImmuniWeb security scanner and those manually revealed by the security auditor. Every report is reviewed by our Quality Assurance team before delivery.


To try ImmuniWeb, please visit: 


For full details on ImmuniWeb’s competitive pricing and a comparison with alterantive web application security assessments, please visit:

About High-Tech Bridge

High-Tech Bridge SA is a leading provider of information security services, such as penetration testing, network security auditing, consulting and computer crime forensics. In 2012 Frost & Sullivan has recognized High-Tech Bridge as one of the market leaders and best service providers in the ethical hacking industry. High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab helped various software vendors improving security of their products, including such vendors as Microsoft, IBM, Novell, McAfee, Sony, HP, Samsung, OpenOffice, Corel, OpenX, Joomla, WordPress, UMI.CMS, and hundreds of others.

About ImmuniWeb®

ImmuniWeb® is a next-generation on-demand web application security assessment solution with online Software-as-a-Service delivery model. It is a unique hybrid of cutting-edge web security scanner and accurate manual web application penetration test.

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