GeoTool, Complying with Upcoming EU Data Privacy Laws

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 24, 2015 05:15 pm PST

EU data privacy lawsLatest feature assures you know exactly where your data is, complying with strictest European standards.

Zettabox, the European cloud storage and team-sharing platform, launches the first tool to allow companies to choose in which European locations they want to place their cloud data. This update helps all Zettabox customers to meet the new European data privacy laws that are likely to require, among other things, that all companies know where their customers’ personal data is stored.

Zettabox is the only pan-European platform to allow customers to choose one of 10 data centres in eight European cities for data storage. This helps make Zettabox customers more compliant not only with the (upcoming) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), but with the strictest national European standards. Other Zettabox features that are essential for GDPR compliance include built-in right to be forgotten and the highest levels of security available.
“With Zettabox you have the advantage of knowing exactly where your data is, and this means you are compliant with both the letter and intent of GDPR. Non-compliance with GDPR can be dangerous, subjecting your companyas high as 5% of your global revenue for non-compliance, no matter where your headquarters are,” says James Kinsella, Co-Founder of Zettabox.

Along with the upcoming GDPR, companies doing business in Europe may also be facing threats to their customers’ data privacy from their current providers, especially if those providers are US-domiciled. The US government has asserted its right to access private citizens’ data on servers of US-based companies, even if those servers are placed in Europe.

Zettabox provides data protection by design, ensuring that all data will be stored in Europe and in compliance with the most current guidance on the GDPR, giving businesses the confidence they need.

A new data protection law, GDPR, is coming to Europe. If you fail to comply, you could face penalties as high as 5% of your company’s global revenues. Compliance is mandatory but doesn’t need to be complex. This game captures key aspects of the GDPR and what you need to do.

About Zettabox

Zettabox provides cloud storage and team sharing tools for companies who need to comply with Europe’s ever-stringent data protection regulation. Zettabox can be used by anyone, but it has been built for business, with dashboard controls essential for management of content within a corporation or team. And Zettabox has been developed with data protection by design to guarantee compliance with the new, upcoming EU regulation. Zettabox launched in June of 2015, following two years of research and development. Zettabox is based in London and Prague. Zettabox deploys technology in secure EU-based data centres and uses payment technology provided by a German-based ecommerce platform.

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