Global Awareness Training to Combat IoT’s Insecurity

By   Dr. Muhammad Malik
InfoSec Leader & Editor-in-Chief , Information Security Buzz | Mar 04, 2015 05:04 pm PST

What are the main benefits & risks associated with ‘Internet of Things (LoT)’ ?

The main benefits are all the extremely user friendly conveniences you get. Having lost my phone last week while on vacation and not using as example, iCloud sync for calendars or contacts, losing my phone sets me back to the last date where I created an password protected backup on my laptop. If I’d only syncd using iCloud, everything would have been back as soon as I had a new phone. Now, the same goes for other devices you connect to the IoT. Coming downstairs in the morning to the smell of freshly brewed coffee and toast that’s just “Dinged” on the toaster, toasted just the way you like it – that’s just smooth, convenient and delicious!

The risks are for most people an unwelcome afterthought, but unfortunately they are not inconsequential. Security is at best added at the last moment, sometimes not at all, leaving you, your family and your home/devices vulnerable to both malicious hackers and others to abuse you, your info and your devices for their own purposes. This is why iamthecavalry was formed. To build a body of knowledge and a resource for combating the insecurity that the IoT has become. We must focus on learning how to build securely, we should consider carefully whether or not devices should have an Internet connection and we must spread awareness of these issues globally to all current and future producers and purchasers  of connected devices.

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