Google Allo And The Threat It Poses To Individual Privacy

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 26, 2016 02:19 pm PST

Following the news about the Google Allo launch and the threats it poses to individual privacy, Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder of Pryvate commented below.

Jonathan Parker-Bray, CEO and Founder at Pryvate:
Jonathan Parker-BrayOn the surface Google Allo seems like the smart assistant that consumers have been dreaming of. It parses your messages, finishes sentences for you, suggests venues for drinks, and acts as an aide to your myriad social desires. Yet, the systems that allow for this innovative assistant are invasive and dangerous. In short, Google Allo will track every message you make, and could then give these messages to the police if requested. However, it is not just the police that will be gaining this intelligence about you but also Google itself, and now is the time to ask yourself how much you are comfortable with a huge multinational company knowing the details of every online conversation you have? We at Pryvate believe that your communications online are just as sensitive as conversations in the real world, and just when you are next to someone you should be able to choose to shout but also to choose to whisper. Your conversations should be private by default protected by advanced end-to-end encryption and most of all, your privacy should be respected by companies, instead of them creating new and shiny baubles to make you hand over more of it.