Google Cloud Introduces Duet AI To Revolutionize Cybersecurity Operations

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 31, 2023 06:57 am PST


Cybersecurity remains a top concern for organizations, given the growing frequency and sophistication of cyber threats. Google Cloud is taking unprecedented steps to confront these challenges head-on, unveiling innovations that leverage artificial intelligence (AI) for enhanced security. These announcements were made at the recent Google Cloud Next event.

Leveraging AI to Tackle Security Challenges

Google Cloud adopts a comprehensive approach to infuse AI into security solutions. Utilizing posture, governance, and compliance controls, Google Cloud’s Security AI Workbench introduces an extensible platform powered by Sec-PaLM 2, a specialized security foundation model. This platform offers AI-driven functionalities to a range of applications, both proprietary and third-party.

![AI Layers in Security](×1000.png)

Introduction of Duet AI

The game-changing innovation comes with the introduction of Duet AI, an AI collaborator designed to assist cloud defenders. Duet AI will be integrated into three key products, designed to provide AI-driven support to cybersecurity professionals:

1. Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence: This feature can help security teams understand prevalent tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by cybercriminals.

   ![Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence](×1800.png)

2. Duet AI in Chronicle Security Operations: The AI assists in threat detection, investigation, and response, simplifying data analysis and providing actionable recommendations.

   ![Duet AI in Chronicle](×2000.png)

3. Duet AI in Security Command Center**: It offers near-instant analysis of security findings, helping teams make informed decisions quickly.

   ![Duet AI in Security Command Center](

Expert Views on Gen AI

Scott Howitt, Chief Digital Officer at UKG, praised the role of generative AI in security operations centers (SOCs), emphasizing that gen AI could accelerate the Mean Time to Detect and Respond (MTTR) to incidents.

Augmenting Security Operations

In addition to Duet AI, Google Cloud also introduced Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle, which provides continual threat hunting services. This helps organizations bolster their defenses without the need for additional hiring and training.

More Innovations for Cybersecurity

Google Cloud is also enhancing its posture management capabilities and adding new network security advancements. Among these is Cloud Firewall Plus, offering advanced threat protection and next-gen firewall capabilities.

The Future of Secure Workspaces

Google Workspace also benefits from these AI-powered enhancements, ensuring that millions of users can work in a secure and compliant environment.


Google Cloud’s latest innovations, especially the introduction of Duet AI, signify a paradigm shift in the realm of cybersecurity. By integrating AI into its security operations, Google Cloud not only promises to mitigate the prevalent challenges but also supercharges the future of cybersecurity.