GozNym Cyber-Crime Gang Which Stole Millions Busted

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 17, 2019 07:45 am PST

Following the news that an international crime gang which used the GozNym banking malware to steal $100m (£77m) from more than 40,000 victims has been dismantled, Roy Rashti, cybersecurity expert, BitDam commented below.

Roy Rashti, Cybersecurity Expert at BitDam:

“The “Goz” in GozNym stands for the notorious Gozi banker malware which, although not new, was very successfully co-opted and iterated by hackers. This provides yet another example of how adversaries tweak known attacks to bypass legacy security solutions to reach and exploit the end user. This strategy allows cybercrime groups to operate like any successful business – with efficiency, dynamism and always staying one step ahead. That is of course, until they get caught.   

As happy as we all should be that these particular criminals were brought to justice, we should keep in mind that it doesn’t end there. Many other cybercrime groups are trying to steal or extort money from innocent victims all around the world. Some develop new malware, some prefer to tweak past attacks. Our side of this fight is to make sure that we take every necessary precaution to ensure we do not get infected and support those around us in doing the same.”

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