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By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 11, 2015 05:02 pm PST

It was recently revealed that hackers who appear to be linked to China had reprogrammed Forbes’ “Thought of the Day” widget to send malicious computer code to readers’ computers last year. Here to comment on this news is Trey Ford, a Global Security Strategist at Rapid7.

“Attacking high profile websites is a classic way to build a botnet. This case sounds a little bit different from regular malvertising, or malicious advertising, in that a super high traffic site like Forbes will have far stronger access controls and logging than other softer targets. Attackers know these factors raise the likelihood of getting caught.

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“Attacks like this, referred to as waterhole attacks, are particularly effective in targeting specific groups or companies that frequent a specific site or forum. Forbes will have a higher concentration of executive readers, which is a different target population than a more classic ‘wide net’ strategy of say targeting a website like Facebook.

“From the attacker’s perspective, a waterhole attack is nice as you can carefully target your prey and (hopefully) have considerably fewer people install your malware. A large target like Forbes stands out against an approach like this.

“Attacking a large target also accelerates the time in which the malware will be detected, and the 0day vulnerabilities used to install the malware (previously unknown vulnerabilities in the browser or plugin) will be identified, reported, and fixed.

“An attack against a site with such broad readership sounds more criminal than state-sponsored.”

By Trey Ford, Global Security Strategist, Rapid7

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