Hacked Steam Accounts Distributing Malware

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 06, 2016 03:17 am PST

Following the news about some of the Steam accounts that were previously hacked are now distribution malware. The user on Reddit who goes by the alias Hayaddict can be seen alerting about the hacked Steam accounts being used to SPAM malicious URLs, Tim Erlin, Sr. Director, Product Management at Tripwire commented below.

Tim Erlin, Sr. Director, Product Management at Tripwire:

tim_erlin“The activity with these compromised accounts is a good example of how criminals make use of the spoils of successful cyber attacks. If you think your account doesn’t contain anything of value, you’re wrong. It provides attackers with connections to other people, who they can convince to click a link, and ultimately install malware.

The need to be careful about what you click doesn’t apply just to email. Any other medium that allows for the distribution of links, images and documents can be used to distribute malicious software.”

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