Hacker Leaks 1.3 Million Accounts From Staffing Platform

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 09, 2017 01:15 pm PST

A hacker has reportedly leaked 1.3 million accounts from staffing platform Elance onto an underground hacking forum. The leaked database also allegedly contains hundreds of thousands of Yahoo and Gmail accounts. According to Yogev Mizrahi of data breach notification website Hacked-DB, the hack in which information of over 1 million registered users was stolen happened in 2009. However, the data has surfaced only now, 8 years after the data breach, HackRead reported. Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software commented below. 

.Jonathan Sander, VP of Product Strategy at Lieberman Software:

Jonathan Sander“The Elance data breach is more evidence that the bad guys have been busy stealing our data for a long time. To find out how badly they were hit, Yahoo had to do some cyber-archeology – digging deep into records of their past to uncover evidence of big breaches they missed. This digging happened outside Elance, but had the same effect. The bad guys are forever building up what amounts to massive spreadsheets about all of us. They take pieces from a beach over here and over there to complete a picture of us – painted in bits of information – that has everything from our email address to our medical details. The more enriched the data, the more they can sell it to other bad guys looking to commit fraud, identity theft, and worse. Considering the rise in online fraud, it’s hardly a surprise that we’re finding there have been huge breaches like Elance that went unnoticed. The bad guys have got seemingly endless amounts of data about us and it had to come from somewhere.”

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