Hacker Told To Pay £69000

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Mar 28, 2018 07:00 am PST

In response to the news that the attacker behind the Titanium Stresser tool, which was used to carry out more than 1.7 million DDoS attacks on websites and gaming servers, will face a two-year jail sentence unless he repays £69,000, Terry Ray, CTO at Imperva commented below.

Terry Ray, CTO at Imperva:

“I see that criminal judgements seem to apply more reformative value to incarceration duration than they do to monetary reparations.  Of course, victim companies can certainly follow the criminal trial with a civil lawsuit where monetary reparations are the primary result.

Regardless, I think the real pain Mr. Mudd will face will be the jail sentence.  There are cases where judges have banned the use of computers and internet from offenders in some countries.  However, this does seem to be fairly light for running a for-profit business specifically designed to offer services to anyone wanting to purposely damage businesses.

A number of similar exploit services exist today, though most of them are run from countries where little is done to prevent them.  At least in the UK, the attacker was identified, tried and incarcerated.  Companies should know that solutions to prevent the behavior of Mr. Mudd’s attack platform have existed for years and if an organization’s web portal is important to them, they should consider implementing effective security, much like they do for front doors, windows, networks, laptops and the like.”

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