Hackers Compromised Chipotle And Sent Phishing Emails

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 02, 2021 04:17 am PST


Hackers have compromised the Chipotle food chain’s email service and then use it to send out phishing emails with malicious links. The campaign lasted for 3 days and at least 120 malicious emails were sent.

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Steven Hope
Steven Hope , CEO and co-founder
InfoSec Expert
August 2, 2021 12:22 pm

<p>Contrasted to the common misconception, Article 83 of GDPR is very specific about its penalties: security-related incidents are fined by up to 2% of the annual turnover, while violations such as lack of consent or unlawful data processing are punished more severely by a fine going up to 4%. Thus, Amazon’s statement that no data breach has occurred is probably not very relevant to the case. In view of the recent GDPR-related litigation in the EU and available jurisprudence, the fine, however, indeed seems to be excessive and will likely be significantly reduced on appeal. Amazon will undoubtedly endeavor to win the case in court on appeal.</p>
<p>The outcome of this case will likely be influenced by politics, as such punitive actions by the EU may strongly discourage American companies doing business in Europe. Furthermore, it may motivate US states, that are now rapidly implementing state privacy laws, to retaliate by imposing mirrored penalties upon European companies. The long-awaited federal privacy law in the US should hopefully harmonize data protection regimes and finally bring a peace of mind both to consumers and businesses on the two sides of the pond.</p>

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