Hackers Stole Over $150, 000 From Numerous Popular Cryptocurrency Wallets

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 03, 2017 01:00 pm PST

It has been reported that hackers targeting various popular cryptocurrency wallets have managed to steal around $150,000 (£113,250) worth of Bitcoins using a malware variant called CryptoShuffler. The malware has been around since last year and has been targeting popular cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, ZCash, Ethereum, Monero, among others.

Although CryptoShuffler’s Bitcoin wallet peaked last year, security experts at Kaspersky Lab uncovered a new campaign that began in June this year. Unlike other cryptocurrency mining malware variants, CryptoShuffler takes efforts to operate under the radar. IT security experts commented below.

Lee Munson, Security Researcher at Comparitech.com: 

“The CryptoShuffler malware is yet another example of how attackers are adding the much needed trait of patience to their toolkit.

By taking their time and monitoring the target, the attacker can gain vital insight into when to strike, changing the Bitcoin wallet address at the optimal time to maximise profits.

While the $150,000 stolen by the Trojan so far is small change, it still poses a clear and present danger and is likely to net far more ill-gotten gains before it is mitigated into the malware history books.”

Andrew Clarke, EMEA Director at One Identity: 

“Getting the basics of security right will help protect users from this invisible malware, CryptoShuffler, which once installed goes about its task to hi-jack cryptocurrency transactions.  Prevention steps such as antivirus software with the latest signature deployed is one action and having a firewall configured to control in/out communications another.   Access control such as storing cryptocurrency in a wallet which requires two-factor authentication is also a smart move.”