How Hackers Are Targeting The Shipping Industry

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 21, 2017 03:00 pm PST

Jon Geater, CTO at Thales e-Security:

“Digital transformation is increasingly being seen as more of a Hobson’s choice for traditional large industries. Those who fail to adopt the latest computer and data systems will be consigned to the scrap heap of history, while those who adopt them too fast leave themselves open to crippling cyberattacks.

Logistics firms, rail companies, power, shipping: nobody is out of the cross hairs of the attackers, whether motivated financially or to cause disruption, anyone on the ‘net is fair game and it is open season.

As was the case with NotPetya recently, these attacks are typically financially motivated, with criminals attempting to extort money by holding important data to ransom. When data is the lifeblood of a business, having someone work their way inside, accessing it can be costly.

With Maersk revealing that the incident could cost as much as $300 million in profits, this highlights just how important it is for businesses, particularly those key to critical national infrastructure, to take a robust and hard-line approach to their digital defences as a primary part of their digital transformation activities. If they opt not to do so, they – and those who rely on them – will continue to face dire consequences.”

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