More Than Half Of IT Security Professionals Find Securing Disconnected Systems Challenging

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 23, 2017 03:15 am PST

Lieberman Software Survey Measured Opinions of Black Hat USA 2017 Attendees

Most companies today have moved from a centrally managed IT infrastructure to one of cloud and mostly disconnected systems. Securing remote and disconnected environments, and providing controlled privileged access, has been a serious and unsolvable problem for these organizations. Simply put: how can you manage something you cannot talk to regularly?

At Black Hat USA 2017, Lieberman Software Corporation surveyed attendees about this problem and found that 53% of polled IT security professionals stated that it’s challenging for them to secure systems that are disconnected from their corporate networks. And the situation may get worse. According to the same survey, 32% of those queried predict that more than one fourth of their end-users will not be regularly connected to the network in two years.

Securing Privileged Identities on Disconnected Systems

Lieberman Software is addressing this security concern with the new Disconnected Account Management feature of its Lieberman RED – Rapid Enterprise Defense™ Identity Management solution. Disconnected Account Management provides disconnected offices, systems, servers and other IT infrastructure with automatic and regular changes to the credentials on powerful administrator and root accounts. While there are existing products that can secure privileged passwords on connected systems, this is the first privileged identity management solution that provides comprehensive support for both connected and disconnected systems.

“IT departments must proactively manage privileged account passwords and access to sensitive and critical systems,” said Philip Lieberman, President and CEO of Lieberman Software.  “This task has become nearly impossible as companies move to in-field laptops, remote offices, the cloud and isolated servers.  In many cases, these core assets are no longer centrally managed by IT, nor always connected to the network. The question that IT must ask is: how do I securely manage passwords and privileged access on disconnected systems?  With Disconnected Account Management, there is an answer.”

Disconnected Account Management uses a local application or service that regularly changes credentials on local accounts using a unique per-machine shared cryptographic seed and time synchronization. It performs regular automatic password changes on workstations and servers, without the need for connectivity, directories or central management software. Authorized password recovery for disconnected systems can be accomplished securely via any web browser on a desktop or mobile device.

This patent-pending technology is compatible with nearly every operating system, as well as embedded devices that support Python.

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