News broken that HMS Elizabeth May Be Operating On Windows XP, Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director at Infoblox commented below.

 Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director at Infoblox:

 “This is a good example of a situation where it’s not necessarily feasible or practical to be running the absolute latest software or patches.  The lifecycle of something like a warship isn’t going to be in sync with the rapid rate at which the IT industry discovers vulnerabilities and issues patches.  We see the same challenges with embedded operating systems in medical devices, industrial plant and critical national infrastructure control systems, ATMs, and so on.

The security implication is clear: you must have a robust defence-in-depth strategy which provides both protection against compromise, and the ability to indicate unusual or potentially malicious activity not just at a device level, but also at a network level.  With the increasing dependence in our daily lives on technology, it’s critical that we get this right.”

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