Industry Reaction To The UK’s Search For Cyber Talent To Fight Dark Web Criminals

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Sep 08, 2017 09:15 am PST

News broke this week that the The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) is actively recruiting cyber experts and dark web analysts to focus on the crackdown of illicit drug rings and operations being pursued by dark web marketplaces. Specifically, NCA is on a lookout for G5 Armed Surveillance Investigator in the Armed Operations Unit, which according to local sources will cooperate with the Intelligence and Operations Directorate to lead investigations into dark web marketplaces and their illegal activities. Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Cybersecurity Threat Researcher at DomainTools commented below.

Kyle Wilhoit, Senior Cybersecurity Threat Researcher at DomainTools:

kyle wilhoit“This is a welcome development from the NCA in realising that the dark web represents myriad opportunities for criminals to operate largely undetected, and therefore requires a vastly different approach. Traditional policing techniques used to combat the global drugs trade for example, simply won’t work on the dark web, where a sizeable portion of the drugs trade has now moved. Police need to liaise with cybersecurity experts on these matters, and need to engage with these experts in order to foster a better understanding of the marketplaces, and how to shut them down.”