Infocyte HUNT Delivers First Agentless Threat Hunting Solution for Linux Platforms

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 13, 2016 10:23 pm PST

Endpoint hunting identifies active and dormant malware missed by security monitoring, drastically reducing the breach detection gap and strengthening defense-in-depth strategies

Infocyte, a provider of agentless hunt technology that eradicates malware and persistent threats, today released Infocyte HUNT™ v2.0 (formerly called Infocyte Pulse). The agentless threat hunting platform now features the ability to scan Linux endpoints in addition to Windows, improvements to the malware analysis engine and user experience, and enhanced performance to consistently identify both active and dormant malware on an endpoint within minutes. Proactive threat hunting with Infocyte HUNT reduces the breach detection gap and is a critical part of any enterprise defense-in-depth strategy.

“With Infocyte, already strapped IT departments don’t need a PhD in security to hunt and identify risk. Infocyte HUNT v2.0 is the first threat hunting product on the market to deliver full scope breach discovery and validation of Linux platforms,” said Chris Gerritz, chief executive officer of Infocyte. “It quickly scans and validates the integrity of networked devices, in both Linux and Windows environments, to detect if anyone has successfully compromised the network.”

Key new features of Infocyte HUNT v2.0 include:

  • Newly added support for Linux allows Infocyte HUNT to scan endpoints on both Windows and Linux environments for malware and persistent threats.
  • The expansion of supervised machine learning algorithms to enhance scoring and categorizing of unknown processes and suspicious artifacts, significantly reducing analysis burden and false positives.
  • Significant customer-driven improvements to the user interface and experience including new dashboards, reporting, and customization options for hunt workflows.
  • Enhanced the under-the-hood architecture for better performance and scalability.

Christopher J. Hendricks, Vice President, Delta Risk LLC, said, “Delta Risk ensures its clients have the highest confidence in the integrity of their information systems.  Infocyte has been an essential partner, empowering us to close the breach discovery gap and limit damage from unauthorized access and malware.” Hendricks continued, “Infocyte’s HUNT platform allows us to rapidly deploy to unfamiliar environments and discover malware, backdoors, and unauthorized activity across a broad range of endpoints. The platform retrieves critical data at scale, analyzes it using the latest threat intelligence and custom heuristics, and gives us the actionable information we need to respond to threats.”

Infocyte HUNT is designed specifically to detect if malware is present on the network. It scans and detects the post-intrusion activity, active or dormant, of attackers who have successfully evaded an organization’s real-time defenses and established a beachhead within the network. It reduces the breach detection gap – the time that exists between infection and discovery – denying attackers the ability to persist, restoring trust in a network’s health.

About Infocyte, Inc.

InfocyteDeveloped by former US Air Force cybersecurity officers, Infocyte’s hunt technology fills a void left by today’s real-time detection solutions. By focusing on the post-compromise activity of persistent attackers and insider threats, Infocyte’s unique approach to security helps organizations defend their networks and critical information.

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