Information Security Events Vs Industry Conferences

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | May 28, 2014 02:17 am PST

Based on your experience and knowledge, what would you say is the BEST Information Security event to attend and why?

Well, for me, I could go on and on about information security events and if you’re an information security professional, there are definitely some dates in the calendar that you can’t miss, even if it’s just for the networking opportunities they offer… So everyone will mention Infosecurity Europe and the RSA Conferences and if you’re more into payment security, the Merchant Risk Council, the Merchant Payments Ecosystem series (they have tracks dedicated to security and governance), and Kudos to anything that is organised by BSides in any country.

But for me, when it comes to the best information security events to attend, they are in fact not information security events at all… And these are the Industry conferences (e.g. Retail, Gaming, Internet Commerce, etc.), as I personally find the best way to deliver your message to an industry segment is to talk their language and be present where they are (just like a watering hole really). So, my fellow infosec professionals, if you are fortunate enough to get invited to attend or speak at one of these, don’t miss it, it will give you exposure to the people you should really convince…

Neira Jones FBCS | @neirajones |

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