Insurer Policybazaar Admits Customer Data Was Exposed By ‘Unauthorized Access’

As reported by TechCrunch, Indian online insurer Policybazaar said on Sunday that it was subject to an unspecified security incident but found that “no significant” customer data was exposed — or in other words, some was. Policybazaar, which sells a range of insurance coverage, said in a stock exchange filing that its IT systems were subject to “illegal and unauthorized access” and it is engaging with the authorities to take recourse.

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Jake Moore
Jake Moore , Cybersecurity Specialist
InfoSec Expert
July 25, 2022 12:26 pm

“Increased data leaks are worrying, but with the amount of inevitable attacks, more needs to be done to deal with the aftermath appropriately. Too many companies attempt to bury bad news and play down the seriousness of the situation. Customers need to be respected, and should be made aware of the exact data stolen and when it was released as soon as possible. People often do not think it will happen to them but this is quite possibly because they are not always made aware of the level or seriousness of the data breach.”

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