The Internet Of Booze

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Feb 11, 2014 01:10 am PST

For the past 100 years, retailers have been checking inventory levels by using the old college technique of shaking the keg. Without a scientific method, mismanaged inventory was a norm in the beer industry.

SteadyServ has created a solution that is literally revolutionizing the field. iKeg, a cloud-based software that tracks beer volume, is alerting restaurant managers when beer is running low or out. The iKeg™ system actually consists of three parts – the hardware, software and a mobile app.  The hardware combines a removable sensor ring and a RFID tag. Once the RFID tag is scanned, the cloud-based software receives the data from the sensor, tracking how much beer remains, type of beer, age and when it was delivered. Analytics in the iKeg™ solution measures and reports the real-time inventory of draft kegs, which is all accessible via a mobile app.

The iKeg™ mobile app allows retailers to send customizable automatic social alerts to Facebook and Twitter every time a new beer goes on tap. It also provides a number of fully-integrated tools to help promote the establishment, special event or a unique beer to highlight.

iKeg is an innovative solution provider leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things), mobile, cloud, social, and data analytics trends.

Steve Hershberger | | @SteadyServ

Professional Biography: Chairman and CEO of SteadyServ Technologies, LLC an emerging business that delivers real time performance intelligence on inventory and the flow of beer though the supply chain-down to the tap pour. No, we don’t use flow meters to do this, instead a very simple yet revolutionary, passive, mobile technology we developed. With a global team of committed hardware and software engineers, as well as, a talented operational and customer support team headquartered in greater Indianapolis, we are in the process of setting the new standard of supply chain, inventory management and business intelligence services and tools for the 3-tier system here in the U.S., as well as the supply channel for beer abroad.