Introducing Breakthrough Isla™ Web Malware Isolation System, Eliminating All Malware Attacks Delivered Through Web Browsers

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Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 29, 2015 11:16 pm PST

spike-securityIsla appliances work transparently with all modern browsers, securing local and remote users on all platforms, including Windows, OSX, Linux, Android, iOS, and Blackberry

Spikes Security, the isolation security company, today introduced the Isla family of web malware isolation appliances, designed for all businesses that want complete protection against malware delivered through web browsers. Isla eliminates this significant attack vector by processing all web content on secure appliances deployed outside the network, where content remains in hardware-isolated VMs created for each user session.  All web content – audio, video, text, and graphics – is then instantly and continuously transformed into a benign, malware-free format and delivered to end user browsers using patent-pending technology developed by Spikes Security. No original web content is ever delivered to endpoint devices.

Web browsers have become the most strategically important application for business, but also the application most vulnerable to cyber attacks because they are permitted to download program code from unknown sources and fully render it inside a secure network. Research conducted with the Ponemon Institute earlier in 2015 revealed that using web browsers cost organizations an average of $5.62M each year.  This total includes the cumulative costs associated with detection, prevention, forensics, and remediation of malware attacks directly related to undetectable browser-borne malware. Isla (Spanish for “island”) is an innovative solution specifically focused on eliminating all web malware attacks delivered through browsers.

“Isla is the result of over two years of intense engineering effort to build an enterprise-class solution that is fast, convenient, and powerful, yet makes no compromises on security,” explained Branden Spikes, Founder, CEO and CTO of Spikes Security.  “Based on early response from customers, we expect Isla to be broadly adopted and designed into enterprise network security architectures.  It solves a massive security problem that has plagued organizations for years.”

The Isla solution consists of a range of appliances deployed outside the network, which each support a specified range of concurrent, isolated web sessions for users inside the network.  Appliances can scale linearly to support any number of users across any number of locations.  Users working off premise with corporate-owned or mobile devices can establish a VPN connection through Isla to the Internet, to ensure they are always protected from web malware.  The entire web malware isolation system is configured and managed by the Isla Control Center application.

Key features of Isla include:

  • Secure, hardened Linux appliances optimized for high performance, isolated web sessions
  • Private VMs completely isolated from each other, with additional hardware-assisted isolation using Intel-VT processor extensions
  • Isolates all web content, including any potentially malicious content, APTs, zero-day malware, and targeted browser attacks
  • Transparent integration with all modern browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Explorer, Safari, and the new Microsoft Edge to end user optimal user experience
  • Optional native Isla client viewer that can replace commercial browsers in high security organizations that prefer not to have browsers on endpoint devices
  • Full support for all major browser plug-ins, including Java, Flash, Quicktime, and Adobe Reader
  • Secure viewing of all Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Adobe files, and secure printing of these files after content is automatically transformed into a benign malware-free format
  • Centralized control by IT of all web file downloads, enabling security teams to apply appropriate policies and content scanning before forwarding to end users
  • Dual web content rendering engines on Isla to ensure optimal web site compatibility
  • Transparent bypass feature allowing desktop browsers direct access to internal web apps and trusted external web sites
  • Centralized management and reporting of multi-site deployments via Isla Control Center

The Isla web malware isolation system has been tested by ICSA Labs, and in their final test report the security of Isla was confirmed:

“Throughout the malicious URL testing, network traffic was monitored to confirm that the malicious payload was sent. The Isla system remained unchanged and showed no signs of an attack or infection.”

About Spikes Security

Spikes Security is a venture-backed Silicon Valley start-up founded in 2012. The company is focused on delivering secure, scalable, high performance appliance and software solutions that empower businesses with the freedom to safely leverage the web without fear of cyber-attacks. Its flagship offering is a powerful web malware isolation system that prevents all browser-borne malware from entering corporate networks and infecting endpoints, including mobile devices, without requiring installation of any endpoint software.

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