Japanese Military Of Defence Target Of Cyberattack

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Nov 29, 2016 10:00 am PST

Following the news that Japanese Defence Ministry and Self-Defence Forces were the target of a cyberattack in September this year that may have compromised Japan’s internal military network. It remains unclear if the attack was was by a foreign nation state, or hackers outside state institutions. Mike Ahmadi, Global Director – Critical Security Systems at Synopsys commented below.

Mike Ahmadi, Global Director-Critical Security Systems at Synopsys:

mike-ahmadi “Government agencies are among the softest of targets on a global scale. Despite expending resources on cybersecurity, governments are generally unaware of the staggering number of vulnerabilities found in the software running on both modern and legacy systems, and any attempt to force software providers to be held accountable at any level is met with strong resistance by a software industry that has long been accustomed to EULA based exemptions. Additionally, the lack of metrics to empirically determine the distribution of resources throughout cybersecurity practice areas leaves most agencies guessing when it comes to determining both needs and effectiveness of their activities in managing security.”

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