Jason Bourne Movie – Cyber Security Realism?

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Aug 02, 2016 05:04 pm PST


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Following the news about Jason Bourne movie, Catherine Allen, Chair and CEO, Santa Fe Group discusses below the cyber security elements in the movie.

Catherine Allen, Chair and CEO at Santa Fe Group:

Catherine Allen“While Jason Bourne features long and improbable car chases, there were some interesting cyber security elements.

“The movie references the CIA investing in startups (of the social media company), which they have done and continue to fund security and data related businesses.

“The movie points out the privacy/national security tug of war…..an ongoing issue as recently exhibited by the Apple phone access to get terrorist information. National security agencies want back doors to all devices, which opens up huge security, as well as privacy, concerns.  The movie was simplistic on these points, but at least did a stab at it.  Personally, I worry more about all the information Google and Amazon and other social media sites have that might be used for more than commercial purposes and by foreign governments than I do what the NSA has.

“The ability to track people and things via satellite and their devices through the Internet is both possible and scary, and the movie Jason Bourne highlighted that.  It did not include voice tracking, but could have…..and it also could have incorporated drones, but didn’t. Also, using cameras in public areas to track people was featured.  The movie hints at the ability to hack public infrastructures by taking down the grid in Iceland….also a reality.

“I actually liked this movie for its use of cyber technology and tracking mechanisms… which are far more interesting than fist fights and crazy car chase through Las Vegas.  It is a melding of what is already in use and soon to be in the fight between national security and privacy.”

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