Jersey Nightclubs And Festivals Accepting Digital Identity App Yoti As Official ID

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 21, 2018 06:30 am PST

Jersey citizens can now leave their ID at home when heading to nightclubs and festivals by using Yoti, the digital ID provider for the island


Islanders of Jersey can now use digital identity app Yoti at nightclubs and events – giving them a simpler and safer way of proving their identity, while allowing them to leave valuable ID documents safe at home.

In March 2018, the States of Jersey announced Yoti as their digital ID provider, offering islanders a modern way to prove their identity, online and in person. Verifying the age of people on nights out is the first use of the technology on the island, and is supported by the States of Jersey Police. The first nightclubs to accept Yoti include Ce Soir, Rojo, Havana and Tanguys. Islanders will also be able to use Yoti as proof of ID at the Weekender Festival and Out There events.

Sergeant Paul Kemp, The States of Jersey Police Licensing Unit said. “We have worked closely with Yoti and our colleagues in the licensing trade on this project and we welcome the use of Yoti in our local nightclubs and pubs. We hope this will help to prevent under-age drinking and the associated harm that it can cause. As well as preventing the swapping and lending of ID by young people it also offers the ability to prove your age and identity without having to take valuable documents, such as passports and driving licences, every time you go out.”

Warren Le Sueur, Director of The Weekender Festival commented: “I’m very excited to announce our partnership with Yoti. I believe it is the future of ID and the app helps reduce underage drinking and lost ID documents, two issues that have been a focus for us for a number of years. Young people carrying around valuable passports is an old method and potentially poses a security risk which the free Yoti app solves. I really do believe this is the perfect and most progressive solution we have been yearning for.”


Robin Tombs, CEO of Yoti said: “Yoti’s selection as Jersey’s digital ID provider was a huge milestone for the team and we’re delighted to start rolling out to businesses and venues on the island. Citizens and international visitors will be able to prove their age and identity in a simple and secure way, and enjoy going to nightclubs and events without worrying about losing valuable ID documents.”

The free Yoti app is available for Apple and Android phones and takes less than five minutes to set up. People take a selfie and scan a passport with their smartphone. Yoti verifies the selfie and photo ID match, checks the integrity of the photo ID and creates a secure digital identity that the individual controls.

Individuals can share specific identity attributes, for example just their age and name, rather than disclosing their full identity with a paper ID document. Yoti puts individuals in control of their personal data, all secured using advanced hybrid encryption, and provides a record of what information people share and who with. Yoti’s encryption technique means that only the individual can access their data – Yoti cannot see or access any personal data after the accounts have been created and verified.

Over a million people have downloaded the Yoti app since it launched in November 2017. For more information about the app go to or visit the app store on Apple and Android phones.

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