Kardon Malware Downloader

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jun 25, 2018 02:00 am PST

A malware downloader with full bot capabilities named Kardon has been discovered by security researchers at Netscout Arbor.* Kardon is believed to be a rebrand of the ZeroCool Botnet built by the same cybercriminal that goes by Yattaze. Sean Newman, Director of Product Development at Corero Network Security commented below.

Sean Newman, Director of Product Development at Corero Network Security:

“Recent reports of a new botnet-capable malware loader, named ‘Kardon’, for sale on the dark web don’t represent a particularly new advance in the way the cybercriminal community now functions.  We are way past the time when hackers operated solely in isolation and had to craft every component of their attacks themselves.  Pretty much every element of cyber-crime is now part of a broader ecosystem, with hackers specializing in certain areas and then selling those skills or capabilities on the dark web to others who can then use that for a broader cyber-crime campaign.  The reports of botnets, created using such tools, being used to launch DDoS attacks is pretty much an everyday occurrence now, and reinforces why online organizations need to have dedicated protection against such attacks.”

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