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Know where your data isZettabox launches to ensure a safe European cloud platform meeting EU call for European alternatives for data protection

Zettabox announces today the first European platform to offer secure, cloud-based document storage and sharing across the European Union. Zettabox offers companies the most advanced European platform for file-sharing and team-work built to anticipate upcoming European regulations designed to ensure the privacy of data, including data protection and the right to be forgotten.

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This proudly European startup is also an important development in the push for a European Digital Single Market and the creation of Europe’s own cloud sector and will help to correct the Cloud Imbalance that exists today between the US and Europe. Although the EU generates about half of all worldwide data, less than one-third of that data is stored in Europe. is an example of a genuinely European cloud storage solution. Its slogan is ‘It’s better in Europe’. Zettabox decided to base its operations entirely in Europe in order to provide a high quality cloud service, with the highest possible level of protection of personal data,” according to the EU Data Protection Reform and Big Data Factsheet published recently.

Unlike other cloud-based platforms on the market today, Zettabox offers companies the ability to select specified European locations where they want their data stored. Today, storage is offered in eight European cities and the list of locations is growing. This capability is unique and essential for meeting stringent requirements in European countries including Germany, which currently has some of the strongest data-protection rules in the world. In addition, Zettabox provides corporate administrators the ability to control access to shared data and it gives individual users the guarantee of “right to be forgotten,” in two clicks of a mouse.

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“With Zettabox your content is safe from cybercriminals and foreign government intervention. Your data belongs to you, and you maintain all rights to data stored,” said James Kinsella, Co-Founder of Zettabox. “Zettabox is dedicated to proving that for companies doing business in the EU, ‘It’s better in Europe”, he added.

Zettabox has been developed with compliance encoded, ensuring that all data will be stored according to the most current guidance on what the EU Data Regulation will require, giving businesses the confidence they need.

Zettabox is offering companies the chance to trial the cloud service free for 30 days and guarantees that it will meet or beat the price companies currently are paying for competitive products. For more information visit HERE.

Zettabox, with offices in London and Prague, deploys technology in secure EU-based data centres and uses PCI DSS-compliant payment technology providers.

About Zettabox

ZettaboxCo-founders James Kinsella and Robert McNeal created Zettabox to meet the need for cloud storage and teamwork-sharing tools for companies who need to comply with Europe’s ever stringent data protection regulation. Zettabox can be used by anyone, but it has been built for business, with dashboard controls essential for management of content within a corporation or team. And Zettabox anticipates the upcoming EU data regulation, with “encoded compliance”. For more information visit HERE.

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