LevelDropper Android App Infected With Autorooting Malware

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Jul 04, 2016 03:50 pm PST

Following the news about LevelDropper, an app in Google Play Store hides malware capable of rooting the user’s device in order to install unwanted applications. David Jevans, VP, Mobile Security at Proofpoint commented below.

David Jevans, VP, Mobile Security at Proofpoint:

David Jevans“Consumers cannot tell if an app has malware; however, if you use a consumer Android anti-malware tool then you can have better odds at seeing things as they are discovered.

If your phone is infected, follow the usual Android app removal process.  However, if you have an app like this that roots your phone, you must wipe your phone entirely and re-install the latest Android operating system. Your local cell phone store will likely need to help you with this process or you can buy a new phone.

For enterprises, it’s essential that they have an app risk security service such as Proofpoint TAP Mobile Defense. The service alerts enterprise users and administrators when new malicious apps like these are found, quickly remediates any damage and prevents other users from being infected. Proofpoint Mobile Defense works with an enterprise’s mobile device management (MDM) system to automate these defenses.”

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