Government Launches New Cybersecurity Centre At London’s Olympic Park

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Apr 14, 2018 08:22 am PST

Following news that the Government are launching a new cybersecurity centre at London’s Olympic park. They hope the new centre will be a catalyst for growing tech cluster and could help create 2,000 UK jobs in cybersecurity. IT security experts commented below.

Paul Farrington, Director, EMEA Solution Architects at CA Veracode:

“We are pleased to see the Government continuing to invest in cybersecurity skills in the UK. With news today that cyberattacks against UK organisations are at an all-time high, the need for greater expertise will be crucial in securing the nation’s data and services. However, it is important that industry doesn’t see the cyber skills gap as the Government’s problem to solve – especially as we see security becoming an increasingly prominent part of other technology roles.

In software development, for example, in 44% of organisations, the development team are responsible for the maintenance of third-party commercial and open source components. This suggests a move in responsibility for the ongoing management of security vulnerabilities, such as the Apache Struts2 vulnerability that lead to the Equifax mega-breach.  Even as we’re seeing this shift, our research has also shown that 70% of developers were not required to complete any courses focused on security when getting their degree. It is crucial that organisations invest in improving the skills of their employees to assure their security of their services and solutions. Providing eLearning can improve security standards by an average of 19%, for example. Improving the nation’s cyber hygiene is a collaborative effort, and those companies that rely solely on the Government’s investment will find themselves burnt.”

Neil Thacker, CISO EMEA at Netskope:

“This move from the British government shines a spotlight on the dangers of the digital underworld today.  Cracking down on the dark web is the right step forward, however criminals are smart and the dark web is not the only hiding ground for them.  There are many access points and techniques used by criminals to conceal their activities, including the public web, where stolen personal data and financial information can be traded.  Policy will help to some extent, but the onus is on businesses and individuals to look at their practices and implement intelligent controls that can lead to identifying these illegal activities.”

André Stewart, VP EMEA at Netskope:

“Cybersecurity is big business and as we all now know it can have huge consequences, which is why cyber criminals and governments take it so seriously. While it’s great to see cybersecurity is front of mind, the amount of investment is a bit like buying a spud gun to battle a bazooka. Much more needs to be done as businesses continue to fall short of the mark in protecting themselves, often rooted in legacy and traditional security practices that fail to fully protect them and their data. The announcement of this new cyber-innovation centre should spur businesses into reviewing their practices and cybersecurity resources, stripping away antiquated practices and making sure they are up to the challenges and the risks of today’s digital world.”

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