Following the news from Kaspersky that DDoS attacks have risen exponentially in Q2 2017, Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox commented below.

 Dr. Malcolm Murphy, Technology Director for Western Europe at Infoblox:

“This news does not come as a surprise; DDoS attacks are extremely common and can be catastrophic to a business. The reality is that, as a critical piece of business infrastructure, DNS will always be a prime target for hackers and many organisations are still leaving their networks vulnerable to attack.

Businesses are increasingly dependent on their networks. As these networks become bigger and more complex, the number of potential vulnerabilities are skyrocketing and, whilst there is no easy solution to securing DNS, there are a few steps that can help mitigate and respond to DNS-based DDoS attacks.

All organisations urgently need to automate their network management in order to gain full visibility – with such a rapidly changing threat landscape it may not always be clear what an attack looks like, but anomalies in DNS queries will be more easily identifiable.”

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