Mcafee Shares The Creepiest Online Perils We Need To Ensure We’re Protecting Ourselves From This Year

By   ISBuzz Team
Writer , Information Security Buzz | Oct 29, 2018 01:30 am PST

Streaming Thrillers Online 

For thrill seekers grabbing popcorn and looking to watch the brand-new Michael Myers classic Halloween from the comfort of their own home, streaming online movies is a popular option for many. There will be many looking to stream the latest blockbusters, and there will be a myriad of sites offering free access to such content.   It is important to recognize that many illegal streaming sites could be hosting malicious content to infect your system.

Sharing Risqué Images Online 

What is meant to be private, should stay private. Research from McAfee discovered that 39% of people have shared intimate photos with someone they were speaking to online before even meeting them. We often hear about celebrities getting caught up in nude photo leaks but it could happen to anyone. Anybody can get their hands on intimate content and leak this online, or even blackmail you for financial gain.

Cybercriminals – Modern Day Witches 

As you would lock your house, you need to strengthen your passwords. In a witch-like manner, cyber criminals can cast online spells and discover private information about someone. McAfee discovered that 43% consumers feel like they lack control over their personal information, once one piece of data is compromised criminals have access to tons of data across accounts and apps, which allows them to paint a picture of you. Kanye West exposed his password to the worldwide media, will it be you next?

Malicious Click or Treat 

Clicking links and mobile devices go together like Frankenstein and his bride. Which is why ad and click fraud through mobile devices is becoming more prevalent for cybercriminals. Whether through a phishing campaign or malicious apps, hackers are able to gain access to your device and your private information. Always remember to click with caution and never click if you don’t recognise the sender.

The Social Media Awakening 

Old pictures, statuses and private messages can rise from the dead. Hackers can unearth previous social posts ready to expose your past, so always think before you post – could it come back to haunt you at a later date?  Social posts can be like a digital tattoo, they are often permanent and very difficult to remove even if you think you’ve deleted them.

Dawn of the Dead Apps

Think haunted graveyards only exist in horror movies, think again! Old apps lying dormant on your phones are like app graveyards, especially since some of these older apps may no longer be supported by Google or Apple stores. These apps can be infected could potentially be leaking your data to a third party.

Stranger Danger – Protect Your Children 

Every year, parents share approximately 1.3 billion images of their children on social media in the UK. Worryingly, nearly a third of these are shared on public social media pages that can be accessed by strangers. Think before you post your children’s Halloween outfits online this year. Decisions about job applications or higher education could become increasingly based on what the internet says about someone, rather than their ability.

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